I love this! Stress Away was just featured in Women’s Health magazine. I know it helps me to relax all day long – every day is a long day with six homeschooled kiddos!! I call it my margarita in a bottle, but without the alcohol. It smells absolutely amazing too. I wear…

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Profiling tests sure have come a long way from my college days (30+ years ago) and the plethora of information on the Internet today is really AMAZING!! The Child Whisperer (for my children) and Dressing Your Truth by Carol Tuttle are two great programs to start this journey of self-awareness.  Both of…

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Healthy “Yummy” Drinks


Double Chocolate Mocha Triple Threat Shake Instead of hitting the vending machine or coffee shop when you’re feeling that mid-afternoon crash, whip up our Double Chocolate Mocha Triple Threat! For less than you’ll pay for that sugar filled expensive coffee, you’ll have a micronutrient packed coffee shake, that you can make in…

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Green & Wild Smoothies

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You can see why later in my adult life my childhood passion of foraging was rekindled, after watching these educational and inspirational DVDs.    Right now, I want to share a green smoothie recipe that I created towards the end of summer after having this wonderful and experienced guide come to our home, to help us…

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Are You Dressing Your Truth?


 This Profiling at its core is an assessment based on movement. And movement—that general expression of energy—transcends race, culture, ethnic background and personality!  This Mother’s Day was my one year anniversary with Dressing Your Truth and it has changed my life, my family’s life, my closest friend’s lives and my…

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Core stretching and isometric exercises are so important for our body’s overall health.  The problem arises when a Christian person turns to Yoga as the source to meet this need, unaware of its pagan spirituality. That person may unknowingly participate under a spiritual yoga teacher whose intention is to bring in their soul-opening practices…

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