‘Healthy’ Stretching

Core stretching and isometric exercises are so important for our body’s overall health.  The problem arises when a Christian person turns to Yoga as the source to meet this need, unaware of its pagan spirituality. That person may unknowingly participate under a spiritual yoga teacher whose intention is to bring in their soul-opening practices with each yoga pose.

If you would like to learn more here is a talk where Fr. Ezra Sullivan, O.P., addresses the topic of Christians and yoga to a group of parishioners in Cincinnati, OH. He presents the reasons some Christians practice yoga, as well as objections to practicing yoga. Fr. Ezra has done his research, and he finishes his talk with clear conclusions based on Catholic teachings. While the video is lengthy, it is informative and entertaining… well worth watching!

Now, if you are a hardcore yoga user and you don’t necessarily agree that practicing yoga could be a pathway down which one could fall away from God then you might agree with what this Catholic-Christian, yoga practicing, mom wrote in this great articleI think it gives a lot of good food for thought.

On the other hand if you discern that Yoga is not the path you want to follow, or you are open to looking for other resources for your core strengthening exercises then you might want to give these following recommendations a try..

I think they are great alternative for all Christians!

Pietra Fitness is not “Christian yoga” or ‘Catholic Yoga” and should never be described as such because the term ‘yoga’ describes an integrated whole of philosophies, spirituality, and physical practices based in Hinduism and found in Buddhism and New Age practices. Please check out their website for more videos. This company resonates with the very core of what our family believes about healing mind, body and soul.

If you are a Catholic Christian and you are looking for ways to pray the Rosary you might find Cathletix’s exercise videos intriguing.

As well as these exercise videos by Soul Core Project’s!

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