Are You Dressing Your Truth?

 “This Profiling at its core is an assessment based on movement. And movement—that general expression of energy—transcends race, culture, ethnic background and personality!” Carol Tuttle
Dressing Your Truth was gifted to me on Mother’s Day 2014  and it has changed my life, my family’s life, my closest friend’s lives and my business builder’s lives too, in so many positive ways, FOREVER!   Before I found DYT I was stuck in ways that I was not even aware.  I learned that when our personalities have been tainted, or influenced by environments such as unhealthy marriages, poor family dynamics, toxic friendships or work situations etc. and we have been responded to and treated throughout the years, especially our developing years (childhood, school, first job, marriage, starting a family etc) in negative ways, our personalities can actually form into a manner that it is not always the most honest expression of our true nature. That was me!!
Painfully I had discovered, while I was trying to deny, stifle, hide and or excuse that truth in all areas of my life I had actually become toxic towards other people in my thoughts, words and actions and that was having a negative effect on everyone around me.  After working through this course, which wasn’t easy at first, I was able to get “unstuck” by healing from the inside out.
Over time I was able to see myself as God created me and accept my ‘whole self’ (my strengths along with my challenges).  And now for the first time in too many years I am able to move forward by confidently forming the best version of myself in a more balanced, happy and satisfying lifestyle.
DYT has been a rewarding and invaluable tool in helping me to reclaim the truth about myself.  I am also able to use the system of fashion and the resources in the fashion world to benefit me now.  I have choices and I am empowered and as I continue to love myself more everyday, which helps me to be open to God’s purpose and mission for my life, I am finding it a lot of fun to dress that affirmation.
So with that in mind the intention I have in sharing this course with you all is so you can now use this program to begin your journey of coming to a better understanding of your true nature, accepting yourself wholly and continually forming yourself as God intended….
May God richly bless you!

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