Dressing Your Truth

I just learned about these really cool programs.  They are both saving our family a ton of time and money when it comes to clothes and beauty. We love it!   It honestly is one of the best investments we have ever made. I understand myself better as a woman, and I now have the tools to make fashion work for me! For my husband he has experienced a new confidence in living true to his nature and in the way he looks.
The programs are called Dressing Your Truth and Dressing Your Truth for Men it teaches women how to become their own beauty expert and for men what the freedom to be yourself looks like. First you learn your Beauty Profile through this really cool book called “It’s Just My Nature.”    After that, you go through an online program that teaches you what styles are best for you—from clothing and jewelry to hair and makeup.
Go check it out then come back and let us know what is think!

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