Earthing: How To

After watching a fascinating documentary on Grounding I did a lot more research and ran across this comprehensive posting by Ashley Green Life.  Very simple, honest, with scientific evidence and down to earth (pun intended -lol!). I also like all the personal testimonies she offers. Our family has found very similar benefits in regards to our health and wellness. See update below.

As our family set an intention to start grounding we first decided to purchase an EMF reader and Digital Multimeter.

With the EMF reader we went around the house to find which appliances / electronics were emitting magnetic waves. We were surprised to learn that pretty much all of them emitted waves! Our computers, radios, alarm clocks, outlets, lamps, microwaves, cell phones, hair blow dryer, televisions, monitors, laptops etc.    Remember these electromagnetic waves have negative effects on our brain functions. More studies are coming out showing the dangers these EMFs are presenting in the proper development of our precious children’s brains.  I cringe when I think of all the video games kids play today!

This is when we decided to purchase a couple universal grounding mats and place them around the house. One at each of the computers in our schoolroom and a few in our beds to sleep on at night and then a couple in our cars. This way the children’s bodies could be grounded while being exposed to these negative EMFs.  While using our mats we had a lot of fun experimenting with our Digital Multimeter to see if the grounding mats actually worked. Guess what… they did!!!

UPDATE: Having used our grounding mats for almost two years now and some of the most significant changes we have noticed have been sounder sleep at night, definitely less snoring, quicker recovery after workouts, less back and neck pain, better concentration while working on the computer!!

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