Melaleua Oil

Well with an unusually cold and wet winter this year our family has been battling several colds and flu bugs. All I can say is “Thank God for Melaleuca Oil“!

We mixed 5 drops of olive oil to 1 drop of Melaleuca Oil then placed the mixture in the infected/hurting ear with a cotton ball soaked in concentrated Melaleuca Oil.  I don’t know how but all I know is it worked like a charm. Immediately the kids ears would stop throbbing and usually with in 24-48 hours the ear infection would be gone. 
For the terrible chest colds which included violent tickle coughs we would take Coconut Oil and rub  it all over the chest and throat areas, then we would take our essential oils and put 2 drops on top and rub. Again, I don’t know how but what we did notice is that within 24 hours the tickle coughs went away completely and the chest colds would resolve without any secondary complications.

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