Healthy “Yummy” Drinks

Double Chocolate Mocha Triple Threat Shake

Instead of hitting the vending machine or coffee shop when you’re feeling that mid-afternoon crash, whip up our Double Chocolate Mocha Triple Threat! For less than you’ll pay for that sugar filled expensive coffee, you’ll have a micronutrient packed coffee shake, that you can make in minutes!


Blend well and pour over ice like you would a traditional iced coffee to enjoy! For those celebrating the holidays in warmer climates, blend the ice in and add a bit of frost to your holidays! You can also add 1/4 teaspoon mint extract for a peppermint mocha delight!

Cinnamon Sugar Cookie | Drink Recipe | DeKuyper USA


Gingerbread Triple Threat Coffee

Who needs a gingerbread cookie when you have this Triple Threat treat?


Blend, and enjoy! If you are an iced coffee fan, you can certainly use chilled coffee, and pour over ice for the same delicious treat – but cold!


Cinnamon Spice Triple Threat


Blend, and enjoy!

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