What Are Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils?

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It seems as though everyone is jumping on the essential oils bandwagon these days. I keep seeing more companies offering essential oils in their product line all the time. I am glad that awareness of essential oils is increasing, and more & more people are wanting to use natural methods to pursue wellness for their families. That being said, as a natural wellness educator, I do have some concerns about some of the products being offered on the market.

Purity of essential oils

Not all essential oils are created equal. Frankly – there’s some real garbage out there that’s being sold to people who think that they’re buying quality products. When you are choosing an essential oil for therapeutic use for your family, you don’t want an oil that has been adulterated with synthetic chemicals, or diluted with…. who knows what.
Authentic essential oils are highly concentrated, and very potent. Much more so than herbal remedies. Although strong, they are gentle and safe for use by the entire family for all kinds of wellness challenges. There is an ever-increasing body of scientific evidence that shows that essential oils can be used for many physical ailments, mood disturbances, and cognitive difficulties. But to be effective, they have to be what they claim to be, not some concoction created in a laboratory.

ORGANIC essential oils

It almost goes without saying that anyone using an essential oil therapeutically should choose an oil that has been grown without the use of any pesticides or herbicides. That being said, a product that has the “official” UDSA Organic label on it means absolutely nothing, and I’ll explain why.
the USDA’s organic labeling regulations are confusing at best, and frankly – they’re deceptive. My belief is that the regulations were intentionally written to give agribusiness a way to deceive the public into thinking they are buying actual organic products, when many of them are not. In THIS STUDY done by the USDA itself in 2010 – 2011, 100’s of the “organic” products tested came back positive for pesticide residues!
Much has been written on the shortcomings of the USDA’s policies, and there’s no need to re-write it here. There’s plenty of information readily available on the internet. You’ll find a few links to get you started below. You can also go read the regulations yourself & wade through the ridiculously complicated language on the USDA website.
even if the USDA Certification was legitimate, organic certification does not address whether or not an essential oil is suitable for therapeutic use. Their certification does not in any way tell you:
  • if it is the correct species of plant
  • if it was grown in the proper place and under the right conditions
  • whether or not it was harvested at the correct time
  • if proper distillation methods were used
  • how many times the material was distilled to produce the oil
  • what testing (if any) was done to assure quality
  • anything about how the oils were handled and bottled for the consumer
Producing an authentic essential oil is a complicated process. If any of the above steps are not done properly, you will wind up with an inferior product. You can certainly have a legitimate “organic” essential oil who’s plant material was grown in the wrong climate, wrong altitude, harvested at the wrong time, etc – and despite being organic, it can be completely useless as a therapeutic agent.

Don’t Buy Junk Oils!

When I first used essential oils, I tried several different brands that were available from local health food stores, grocery stores, amazon etc.  It always seemed that after I tried a few drops for a recipe I would get a headache so I stopped using it and never bothered to finish the bottle. One year after cleaning out my bathroom cabinet I found three bottles of practically unused essential oils!  I actually got no benefit from them whatsoever. Literally. I might as well have just flushed the money I spent on them — Urr!   I was then introduced to Melaleuca essential oil through another multi-level marketing company that uses it as their primary ingredient in all their products. Then I discovered their oil was adulterated so I eventually gave up on the whole idea of using essential oils until years later when a dear friend convinced us to give them another try.  She recommended Young Living’s Thieves essential oil blend, after which we experienced a huge difference immediately.
Young Living is the world leader in the production of therapeutic grade essential oils. Are there other producers of top quality oils? Yes, there are some. But they are few and far between. And none of them do what Young Living does, PERIOD. No one in the world. Young Living has farms all over the world where they grow the plants to be used to make the essential oils. And they are the ONLY company to offer the Seed To Seal guarantee on their oils. This is a 5 part promise from Young Living to your family that every oil you buy will be authentic and pure.
You can find out more details about Young Living’s Seed to Seal process at Seed To Seal


When we decided to pursue a more natural approach to wellness for our family, it was primarily due to the poor outcomes we had seen from conventional medicine in the hospital setting and the rising costs of our health benefits.  We wanted something better for our children.  As I mentioned previously, we tried several other brands of essential oils, but were not impressed with the results. Our experiences with Young Living essential oils have been amazing, and we’ve never regretted our decision to go with Young Living.
Coming from a medical background, I have a pretty good foundational understanding of the structure and function of the human body. I have spent countless hundreds of hours studying the therapeutic uses of essential oils.  I’m coming up on three years of using Young Living products to support my family’s wellness, and we’ve have had exceptional results not only for my husband and me but also, for our children.
As a Certified Health Coach, when my clients come to me for wellness consultations I always recommend that they use Young Living oils. Why? Because I know the quality first hand. I use them exclusively for our own family.  I don’t have to worry about one of my clients getting some junk oils that could either be ineffective, or harmful.  When people come to me for help, I want to do my very best to help them.

Go See For Yourself

That’s one of the greatest things about Young Living. You can go to any of their farms and see the whole process for yourself.  You don’t have to be a Young Living member. Anyone can go! If you’re looking at other brands of essential oils, you will at some point hear something like “Our oils are just as good as Young Living.”  I’ve heard it over & over. So I ask them, “Where are your farms? Do you distill you own oils on site? What kind of in-house & third party testing do you do on your oils for quality assurance?” I usually get some version of the “deer in the headlights” look, but no answers. I would encourage you to ask the same questions. Especially now that so many people are jumping on the bandwagon.

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