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1.Click HERE to begin filling out your information.  It will only take a few minutes — I promise!

2. First make sure the box for “Wholesale Member” is checked, otherwise you will be paying retail prices on your products, which are considerably higher!  Make sure my code #2118006 is entered under the “sponsor id” and “enroller id” boxes.

**If you live outside the United States, you can still get a membership! Just make sure you choose your appropriate country and language next on the enrollment page and you can use the same code #2118006 to ensure you get your products at a discount.

3. Next complete the Membership Information fields on the next page.  

After you select your username and password store it somewhere safely so you don’t forget it! We do not keep record of this nor does Young Living.

4. Then choose your preferred Enrollment kit!  We suggest if you are looking for a way to introduce as many essential oils into your home, and lifestyle, as quickly as possible, that you selected the Premium Starter Kit with the “Home Diffuser“!  Individually, these items would retail for over $300, which is a savings of 45% off retail!!

**This special is valid on your first purchase only!  Not only will this kit get you the best bang for your buck, but you will automatically qualify for a wholesale membership!   Remember wholesale membership gets you a 24% discount off retail prices every month you shop with Young Living!

5. Next set up your Essential Rewards. This is Young Living’s monthly auto-ship program.  It is the most practical and cost effective way for you to transfer your household shopping. You will also save on shipping costs, earn free shopping credit and qualify for free products each month!! You may cancel at any time without any penalties.

6Enter your billing information and click“NEXT” at the bottom.

7Activate & Checkout. Review and finalize your order.

That’s it!

Congratulations! You are on your way to a healthier, natural, chemical-free lifestyle journey! 



A personalized ‘Welcome Letter‘ with detailed information on getting started will arrive in your email box.
In 7-10 days you will get your Premium Starter Kit.
Look for a link to sign up for our optional, but HIGHLY recommended free 14-Day Oily E-Course.

Receive FREE iTovi nutritional body scans at our monthly classes!


Thank you for allowing us to sponsor your membership!

Thank you for helping to support our small family-owned business!!

Thank you for contributing to our passion to teach and empower others on…

how to become whole-body-well

and how to live healthier, chemically free lifestyles!!

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