How Does iTovi Work?

How does it really work?

Great question!  Are you familiar with Fitbit, jawbone or the Zyto scanner?  They all use bioimpedence technology that measure subtle energetic impulses throughout the body through the use of a hand cradle or wrist band.   What I prefer about the iTovi is it’s versatility and practicality.  It scans a multitude of markers to help you know which of your products your body could benefit from. It is the size of half a sticky note, small enough to fit in an eye glass case and I can scan on the go!  It can be used on babies, toddlers and even pets!  

Here is an excellent video showing you how this awesome tool works to assist you in making a better decision on what specific products are needed to support your body. 

If your Young Living membership was sponsored by a member from this team,
 then at time of sign-up you qualify for a free complimentary scan!  

Fees for iTovi Body Scans:
  • FREE at time of sign-up
  • FREE for members on this team
  • $5 per scan for each additional family member – grandparent, spouse, child or pet.
  • $25 per scan for non-members
You can email us to schedule an appointment.
From a business side, it is less expensive than the Zyto.  It is tiny and can fit in a purse or pocket, so you can take it with you. It works from an app on your phone (Android or Apple) via bluetooth. It scans up to 200 markers versus the Zyto scanner which only reads 76 markers. It only takes 2 minutes, and the results can be either texted or emailed to the person.
For anyone interested in purchasing the iTovi there is a 15-day money back guarantee once you receive the device AND they offer a referral program which can earn you a lifetime membership free of any monthly fees. Please check their website for details.  

If you are interested in purchasing your own iTovi and learned about it from this website 
it would be greatly appreciated if you used my referral link.


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