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Hi, I am Leslie, affectionately known as the “Season’s Lady”.  I am the face of Wellness In Season (WIS), with the experience, knowledge, resources and results to bring you emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical well-being.   Are you feeling stuck, frustrated, unsure, ready to make a change and thrive in a life you love? Or are you looking to be inspired or mentored? — This is the place!

Staying radiantly healthy and happy through the ups and downs of every season in life requires commitment, and paying attention to all the important aspects of maintaining a balanced Wellness Lifestyle in order to thrive, not just survive. We are living in a fast paced, ever demanding, toxic culture.   From my point of view, a Wellness Lifestyle embraces all the key areas of our lives that we reference here at WIS.



I believe as a Christian Health & Wellness Lifestyle Consultant, all people are created in the likeness and image of God, and when that is understood and honored in conjunction with the graces bestowed upon us through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, each person has immeasurable potential.

I believe in order to thrive in this demanding, unbalanced world and toxic culture we need to be intentional about nourishing our hearts with intimate and affirming relationships, healthy dynamic friendships, selfless acts of kindness and mercy towards our neighbor, and detachment from disordered desires or fears.

I believe we need to nourish our souls with periods of silence, solitude, prayer, simplicity, fasting, generous giving of alms, and frequent participation in the sacraments.

I believe our minds need to be fed with sacred scripture, writings from spiritual leaders, saints and good & noble books, we need to listen to praiseworthy music, and expand our minds with inspiring visuals, positive influences and an ongoing love for learning.

I believe we need to nourish our bodies with nutrient dense diets, regular exercise, quality sleep, chemical-free environments, proper stress management, self-control and perseverance in living a balanced lifestyle.

I believe each person needs to learn how to lead and communicate in their own h.e.a.l.thy styles, build a strong financial base, cultivate a successful service-oriented mindset, and remain teachable through every season in life, in order to actively build up their families, communities, churches, schools, workplaces all the while striving to become the best version of themselves.  If any of these areas are suffering, our Wellness capacity will be unbalanced and severely compromised.



Striving to grow in holiness is key on all levels of health including: spiritually, personally, professionally, in all relationships, towards family unity, our life purpose, nutritionally, in financial prosperity, philanthropy and giving back. Reflect on what the top priority is for you and start there by making adjustments and improvements. Thriving as the best versions of ourselves is the biggest part of our existence, but are we giving it the conscious attention it deserves? Are we truly able to hear and follow God’s will?  Striving for holiness is what keeps us feeling alive and achieving our highest potential.

Staying stuck in old, outmoded patterns is too self-defeating and promotes our declining. One thing in life we can absolutely count on is change. It is only with ardent change and yes, periods of suffering that we can experience growth with meaningful breakthroughs.  Of course this will look different for each individual person, depending on his/her season in life, personal lifestyle habits, personality tendencies, behavioral traits, gifts and talents. If we are not growing then we are declining.


Overcoming A Toxic Culture

As a LifeWork Coach, profiler in the MB system, and from working with many different individuals, families, groups and teams I strongly believe that every human being, is not only created in God’s likeness and image, but everyone has been endowed with unique gifts and abilities, and that God has a personal plan for each person based on those unique traits.   To inspire awareness, acceptance and growth, I help people take stock of their skills, talents, and abilities (all gifts from God) and then help them decide where God most wants them to apply these gifts and finally how they can get there.  Individuals will discover their area of greatest potential and how to develop or improve specific talents and skills. Their purpose is clarified so they can follow their mission in life, which is how God is calling them to serve Him and how they plan to live their life as a reflection of him.

However, when an individual has been living in a lesser version of themselves, where they have established years of excuses, a victim mindset, and or unhealthy, toxic lifestyle habits, the truths revealed during our sessions can be very difficult to accept, making the ardent changes cumbersome.  It’s not uncommon for individuals during this stage to find themselves struggling to move forward, and stay stuck in a toxic culture.  This is why the process of acceptance and growth requires time, patients and proper spiritual guidance and direction.

Recently, I have been using a step-by-step process called Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT)  in conjunction with these sessions and I’m seeing amazing results!  The Aroma Freedom Academy has been collecting data from hundreds of successful users. To read personal testimonies click here.   As a certified practitioner, I am finding AFT is one of the simplest, quickest, most non-evasive and effective modalities for helping individuals to get unstuck and move forward with their relationships, businesses, finances, and health & wellness goals, and personal plans in life. If you personally are finding yourself stuck in any area or season of life, please don’t hesitate to contact me for an initial consultation.



There are other lifestyle approaches that support a radiantly healthy and thriving body. Of course, this is what we all want, but how do we get there and sustain it?  And what gets in the way?

For the past two decades that I’ve been educating on health & wellness, I can’t stress enough the importance of proper nutrition. Nutrition is so key and has such an impact on how we feel, our moods, our hormones and our outlook on life.

What many people consider to be good nutrition is typically very lacking in many crucial nutrients. So, in that case our cells are in survival mode doing only the most critical functions without enough ‘juice’ to perform optimally and thoroughly, I would highly recommend starting with rich, dense and pure nutrients are required daily to maintain the adequate production of energy in the cells, so they are able to perform all of their tasks optimally.  The keyword here is nutrient-dense, and we are in a time when  it is no longer a luxury, but truly a necessity.

With the depletion of vitamins and minerals in our soils, and the increased use of pesticides on plants etc. foods being grown today do not meet the body’s nutritional needs. I am a huge advocate of supplementation.  Superfoods infused with pure, unadulterated essential oils are more important than ever, and provide us with dense nutritional values that generate cellular prosperity.

Another very important aspects of overall health includes chemical-free living!  Through every season of life,  I am frustrated by how many toxic chemicals are permitted to be used in our foods, personal care items, household cleaning supplies, cosmetics, over-the-counter medicines, and even our vitamins and supplements.

Have you noticed every year there are increasing cases of domestic violation, road-rage, lack of job commitment, miscommunication, higher divorce rates, public killings etc which are all quite overwhelming and disheartening.

Have you noticed the increasing number of diagnosed illnesses, diseases and disorders that are coming out every year? Do these distinct and alarming patterns not disturb you?  For future generations they certainly do concern me.

In my humble opinion I am convinced with these increasing volumes of chemical toxins we are absorbing into our bodies either through our skin, respiratory systems or gut, in conjunction with the bombardment of negativity in our social media, our poor abilities to manage stress, our lack of good communication skills, our toxic relationships and unhealthy lifestyle choices we are living every day…. they are *all* having a direct correlation to these increasing diagnostics.

Reducing all of these toxins in our lives really needs to be a priority that is addressed or there will be more heavier prices to pay for our future generations.


In Summary

You will be amazed at how great you can feel when your body is receiving pure, concentrated nutrition from the best and most natural sources; you have converted your homes and environments to chemically-free products; you have become skilled at managing your daily stress, you have learned how to reduce negative influences; you have developed daily habits that nourish your heart, soul, mind and body; you have developed your personal h.e.a.l.thy communication style, you have cultivated dynamic friendships at work and in your community and you’ve created intimate, affirming relationships, first with God and then your family!

I’m excited to share tips, frameworks and other resources that have made a big difference in my life and in the lives of my family, friends, business partners and clients.  If you are feeling stuck, frustrated, or unsure. And you are ready to make a change, thrive in a life you love, or are looking to be inspired or mentored —I am available for 1-on-1 or group consultations, either in-person or through private online video conferencing.

Please join our Facebook page or schedule an initial free consultation or just leave your comments and or suggestions below. I look forward to having you as part of our Wellness community.


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